Favorable prices

Favorable prices

Michael Muja is one of the smallholder farmers that work with Alizetics. Michael: "Since Alizetics came to our village I see the huge potential that sunflower farming has. I have five acres of land. We are with eight people in my family. Thanks to Alizetics I am sure of a market to sell my sunflower seeds and they offer favorable but market competitive prices."


Selling and buying
Michael continues: "In the last two years I borrowed money to pay my son’s school fees, but now that is not necessary anymore. I have already paid his school fees from the sales of sunflower. Wonderfully enough I was trusted by Alizetics, so apart from being a customer I am also a buyer, at Sangamwalugesha village in Maswa district. I enjoy the smartness of this business in our place. You cannot compare it with other buying centers from other companies, this is much more professional."


'I used to borrow money to pay for my son's school fees but that isn't neccessary anymore'


Professional approach
"Recording our customers, giving them receipts, using weighing scales that have been approved by official weights and measure agents in Tanzania; these are some of the steps we take at our buying center. But not only this; paying farmers on the spot for the harvest they sell us is something that makes Alizetics unique from local buying centers. What I enjoy most as a buyer is the local market day at our village! I shift with all my receipt books to the local market, villagers sell their sunflower harvest to me and then buy their own needs at the market. They enjoy selling to me as Alizetics has fixed prices. That used to be different. People were in need for money because they had to buy their weekly groceries. The high need for money made their position weak, in many cases they sold their seeds for (too) low prices to any buyer that came along."

Alizetics aims to improve the social and economic position of smallholder farmers in Tanzania. Up to now more than 6,000 farmers benefit of Alizetics' approach. And to support the process Alizetics works together with sister company Agrics to make sure farmers can buy their farm inputs on credit.